Eating out - is it worth it yet?

While Australia is doing well in terms of new COVID-19 cases, we are still at a relatively high risk of a second wave. 

With social distancing measures relaxing more every day, restaurants are opening up their doors once again. But is it worth it for everyone? For the aged amongst us, and those considered high risk due to medical conditions or complications, eating out and enjoying their favourite dishes is not yet a viable option. Until there is a vaccine, a lot are choosing to stay home to stay alive. 

So how can we make sure these members of our community don't miss out? 

Sabroso Spices are offering to send a Sp-iso Gift Pack (3 Spice Sachets) direct to a relative or friend for you this winter. If you have a loved one you can't see yet, send them a Sabroso Isolation Gift Pack today. ;-)