How To Serve Your Rice Like a Pro!

Here at Sabroso, we love big flavour and that's what we help you do best! But we also believe presentation can make a big difference to the fun you have plating up and we all love to impress our guests, right?

It’s all about presentation; some chopped fresh herbs, a dollop sour cream, some crumbled up bacon or even a little cracked black pepper can make a world of difference when put on top of your food. It just livens things up and takes it to a higher level.

Here’s a simple technique that instantly transforms an ordinary pile of rice into something a little more special.



This is all you need. A simple bowl and a plate. Bowl size depends on your appetite. Size of the plate as well.

Pour a few drops of oil in the bowl. You can use any kind of oil for this; it’s mainly to let the rice slide out more easily. You can use the oil to your advantage, though. Chili oil, for instance, adds a little zing and color to the rice! You can also use oil with minced herbs for an instant color boost and contrast. Or garlic infused oil for a little added flavor. Even fruit pieces pressed into the rice create a gorgeous picture.

Rub the oil all over the bowl. No, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty but would rather not get oil on my camera. Hence the basting brush.

I’ve coated the entire bowl with a thin layer of oil.

Hot, steaming white rice. There’s something enticing about it. I know, I know… brown rice is far more flavorful, healthy and nutty, but there’s just something pretty about a big bowl of pristine white rice. Sue me!

Just fill the cup with rice and flatten it with the back of your spoon. Really push it down into the bowl.

Place your plate upside down over the bowl. Try to keep the bowl in the center of the plate.

Flip the plate (and bowl) over.

Gently and slowly lift the bowl. Because you first oiled it, it should go really smooth.

Perfect! Serve it with coriander on top next to our famous Butter Chicken or Mango Chicken. Sprinkle with chilli if you like it hot!


The Sabroso Team x